Allied Chemical has always been at the forefront with its revolutionary innovations in the production of Farmer Fred's Happydale Ham Spread. Some of our previous Great Leaps Forward include:
An anonymous consortium of war profiteers form Allied Chemical, a research and development company devoted to pushing the envelope of biochemical/steam-driven technology. Six months later, an accident in the mustard gas storage facility led to the development of a soft, spreadable goo that becomes the basis of Farmer Fred's Happydale Hamspread.
The only child of Farmer Fred, Ulysses Grumby (known in society circles as "Percy") becomes head of Allied Chemical's Fancy Goods Division.  Percy's first product development, Lady Penelope's Quail Egg-n-Truffle Pate, packaged in gold foil-covered mother-of-pearl tins, is an instant best-seller among the burgeoning upper class.
Sales of Lady Penelope's Quail Egg-n-Truffle Pate plummet sharply in October.  Surplus cans of the product are repackaged in tin cans and marketed as Aunt Penny's Liverwurst.  Sales exceed all projections and remains a strong seller in the Deep South to this day.  Other surplus cans were repackaged and marketed surreptitiously to the Soviet Union as Daily Protein Ration and Uganda as I Can't Believe It's Not People
As the world writhes in the clutches of a crippling economic depression, Allied Chemical manages to maintain full employment at all its facilities by entering into a production agreement with Zur Krantzenberger Metalwerks.
Allied Chemical's production agreement with Zur Krantzenberger Metalwerks is terminated.  Allied Chemical enters into a lucrative agreement with the U.S. government to produce munitions, K-rations and other "discretionary" material for the duration of World War II.
Allied Chemical enters the pre-fabrication market with "Insta-Shelter".  Insta-Shelters are guaranteed to self-construct in one hour and provided protection against radiation from atomic bombs of up to one-kiloton magnitude.

Allied Chemical employs blacklisted screenwriters, directors and performers to produce their advertising. Zero Mostel appears as a large jar of ham spread and is the first to utter the now-classic slogan "think of it as meaty butter!" Senator Joseph McCarthy gets wind of the practice and attempts to shut production down, but is surreptitiously bought off with lifetime supply of ham spread.

The publication of Alvin Toffler's Future Shock and subsequent Orson Welles-narrated film of the same name inspires Allied Chemical to replace costly manpower with robots.

Finding robots considerably more costly than manpower, Allied Chemical moves ham spread production to Cochon, Guatemala.

Allied Chemical employs konsi engineering in ham spread packaging. Changes result in massive leaps forward in squeezy tube technology.
The Adventures of Lil' Squealer children's cartoon series debuts. Becoming the first merchandiseable infomercial for children. Followed by Lil Squealer: the Movie (1989) and All Squealers go to Heaven (1992)