Thursday, January 15, 1998

So Hello there

Welcome to Allied Chemical's World Wide Web site. Browse our site and you'll find information about our businesses, products and growth strategy. Keep coming back, because we'll be adding new information all the time.

This represents a bold new step in the history of Allied Chemical, because we have always been thought of as a somewhat secretive company -- even to the point of being labeled as "covert". We've never run from that label and proudly accepted the honor of being named as one of Business Day magazine's "Top 100 Secretive and/or Covert Multinational Conglomerates to Work For".

Now, while you may not have heard of Allied Chemical before now, you've probably already done business with us. You've probably heard of some of our products: Uncle Cooter's All-Purpose Spray, McHealthy's Topical Ointment, Blobster and of course, our flagship product, Farmer Fred's Happydale Ham Spread, for example. Or your family may have dined at any of our fine Foody McFoods Good Time Foodery restaurants. Other Allied Chemical ventures may be less familiar to you, and that has always been for your own protection.

We are committed to making further gains as we strive to fulfill our vision of becoming one of the world's premier companies, distinctive and successful in everything we do. We will accomplish this goal in four ways:

Proactively shift paradigms in order to raise the bar and go outside of our "nine dots"
Continue to refine and improve existing products, particularly in the area of ham spread.
Sell downloadable music files on the World Wide Web.
We are confident that these steps will not only keep Allied Chemical the vibrant and successful company it has been, but will enable Allied Chemical to become even more vibrant and successful in the new millennium.

We appreciate your interest in Allied Chemical. And remember,

"It's a Better World -- Through Chemicals!"

Alex Ray Sr.
Chairman and Chief ExecutiveOfficer


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